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Josh Stone and John Bellus provide all clients with very personal representation and treat their clients as clients, not billable hours. Stone and Bellus' desire and intensity to win cases is prevalent in their representation of the firm’s clients. They go the extra mile to represent their clients zealously and honorably. What separates them from their competitors is that they provide very personal attention, which allows a genuine business relationship.

Shareholders of closely held corporations often view corporate minutes as a needless formality. But for legal, historical, and tax reasons, keeping good corporate minutes is important and worthwhile. This article explains why spending time on your minutes is invaluable.

A mechanic’s lien is a statutory right in Georgia to proceed against the real property. It is an extremely effective option to ensure payment for goods and/or services rendered. In Georgia, it is the only way to recover against those parties with whom you have no contract. A party seeking to enforce a lien must be extremely careful to ensure that all the necessary procedures are followed.

At some point, almost every business faces the problem of an employee leaving to start a competing business. But before the worker leaves, he or she takes some things that will be very valuable in the new business — the former employer’s customer lists, marketing plans or other confidential information. This article explains how to handle this issue.

Corporations and shareholders should take steps to properly maintain the corporate separateness. These steps can be summarized as follows: observe corporate formalities, maintain separate existence and adequately capitalize the corporation. Learn more about each step in the article