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Mechanics Liens: Your Right to Protect Your Property - Stone & Bellus

Mechanics Lien

Lien rights are a powerful tool in the construction industry – and must be handled by an attorney who understands the specific requirements unique to each project’s location. Mechanics liens are a powerful form of payment protection for Georgia contractors and suppliers. However, for them to be successful, they must be filed correctly and preceded by the right preliminary notice requirements. An improper lien can jeopardize one’s claim and result in loss of money owed.

Stone & Bellus helps direct contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, and material suppliers understand their lien rights. Timing is critical – your right to lien a project can expire if you fail to preserve it correctly.

We also represent property owners and contractors when liens are filed against their construction projects.

Our goal is resolve lien and bond issues effectively and cost-efficiently for all parties involved