Mechanics Lien

Your Right to Protect Your Property

Stone & Bellus recognizes the critical importance of lien rights in the construction industry and the necessity of having competent legal representation to navigate the specific requirements applicable to each project’s location.

In the state of Georgia, mechanics liens serve as a powerful tool for contractors and suppliers to secure payment, but their effectiveness depends on adhering to proper filing procedures and compliance with preliminary notice obligations. 

Our firm is committed to assisting contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, and material suppliers in comprehending their lien rights in Georgia. We provide guidance on the accurate procedures and timing to ensure that our clients effectively preserve their lien rights. Failure to comply with these requirements can jeopardize one’s ability to assert a valid lien and may result in the loss of funds owed. 

Furthermore, Stone & Bellus offers legal services to property owners and contractors when liens are filed against their construction projects. We diligently represent our client’s interests and navigate the intricacies of lien and bond issues. Our ultimate objective is to resolve lien and bond issues in a manner that is both effective and cost-efficient for all parties involved. Leveraging our expertise in construction law and our deep understanding of Georgia’s lien requirements, we strive to safeguard our client’s rights, foster equitable resolutions, and minimize the potential financial impact stemming from liens.

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