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We handle your day-to-day legal triage needs.

Stone & Bellus understands that maintaining an in-house legal team can be financially burdensome for many construction firms. That’s why we offer our services as a trusted external legal partner, serving as general counsel and providing guidance for ongoing construction-related legal needs. 

By partnering with Stone & Bellus, clients gain access to experienced attorneys who act as a trusted advisor and offer legal support throughout the entire construction process. We assist in identifying and addressing potential legal issues at every stage, from project inception to completion.

Our approach is proactive, helping clients anticipate and mitigate legal risks before they escalate into disputes or complications. Through ongoing legal guidance, we support the smooth execution of construction projects and help clients navigate the complex legal landscape of the industry. 

Stone & Bellus provides comprehensive legal support tailored to each client’s specific needs, including contract review and negotiation, risk assessment, compliance, and dispute resolution. With our expertise in construction law, we identify potential issues and offer practical advice to protect clients’ interests. 

Engaging Stone & Bellus as external general counsel allows construction firms to benefit from our knowledge and experience without the cost of maintaining an in-house legal department. This approach ensures that construction-related legal matters are handled efficiently and effectively, giving clients peace of mind to focus on their core business operations.

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