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Stone & Bellus, P.C. is a reputable boutique law firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. With a cumulative experience of over 65 years, the firm specializes in various areas of law, including Construction Law, Business and Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, and related fields. Their expertise extends to navigating the complexities of construction law, providing guidance on construction contracts, and ensuring the proper filing of mechanics liens. The firm also has a strong command of contract law, with particular emphasis on restrictive covenants, non-compete agreements, and trademark law.

Stone & Bellus, P.C. prides itself on its ability to effectively represent clients across a range of industries and sizes, both at the local and national levels. Their dedication to consistently delivering successful outcomes is evident in their track record. The firm’s client base encompasses companies of all sizes, and their comprehensive legal services cater to the diverse needs of their clientele. 

By leveraging their extensive experience and deep understanding of the law, Stone & Bellus, P.C. is committed to providing exceptional representation and guidance to their clients, ensuring their interests are protected and their legal matters are handled with utmost professionalism and expertise.

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Stone & Bellus - Experts in Construction & Business Law

Construction Law

Construction disputes can have far-reaching legal and business consequences - when this happens you need
an attorney who has specific experience and
will fight for your legal rights.

Business Law

Contract law controls virtually all aspects of business. From contract law and entity formation to intellectual property, S&B has the experience to help our clients in any situation.

Stone & Bellus Clientele

construction law

business law

We proudly represent business firms of every size across multiple industries.


nation-wide experience

Multi-state experience

Stone & Bellus has experience in modifying and negotiating contracts with state-specific provisions across the country.

state court experience

Based in Atlanta, Stone & Bellus has successfully represented our clients in both local and national matters and at all levels of the Court System of Georgia.

Federal court experience

Whether in Georgia or across the country, Stone & Bellus is prepared to go all the way to get results for our clients.

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