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Construction Contracts

Construction contracts are made run projects run as they identify the participants in the project, what their tasks are and how much and when they will get paid. Construction contracts, taken together, act primarily as an instruction manual for the project. If properly prepared, they are the guiding foundation for how all the pieces come together to create a final project.

Our attorneys draft, review, and negotiate contracts for a broad range of builders, developers, contractors, and subcontractors. The vast experience of our firm and our attorneys' industry expertise put us in a position to handle any project or scope relating to the construction sector. Our unique perspective, based on experience and problem-solving and dispute resolution, allows us to develop contracts that prevent future problems from occurring.

Construction Contract Preparation

Our construction attorneys have experience preparing the necessary construction contracts for any construction or development project. Over the years, we have seen many issues arise with the owner-developer relationships, contractor-subcontractor relationships, and with material suppliers and vendors. If you are seeking an air-tight contract, you should contact us today. 

Our experience and expertise cover all areas of the construction business. If you have a construction contract preparation need, we are here to help.

Construction Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations are the baseline to proper contract development. Through years of dealings, we are aware of all of the events that can develop during a construction project. This keen understanding allows us to cover many concerns that most professionals would never think of addressing. Our construction contract negotiation and preparation tactics cover all angles and contingencies. At Stone & Bellus we believe proper planning leads to better development and prevention of construction disputes.

We represent contractors, subcontractors, developers and material suppliers to negotiate a position that is clearly defined so you can focus on performance.

Construction Contract Review

Many times construction professionals present us with contracts from upcoming projects. Construction contract review is a wise decision and should be a matter of course. Unfortunately, poorly written contracts seem to be the standard in the construction industry. We urge all professionals to bring us any and all documentation before signing. We will identify clauses that might affect your tasks and ultimately your pay. Our contract review is on an exclusive basis and performed with your best interest in mind. We will prevent hassle and haggle and allow you to rest assured your best interest is at the center of a construction contract.

Construction Bid Process

Construction bidding can be lucrative, but it can also be riddled with unnecessary risks and headaches. Being the lowest bidder can be an unnerving discovery. Common sense dictates that if you are the lowest bidder by a significant amount that you have missed something in the bidding process. Additionally, project managers might not be drawn to the lowest bidder but rather to the qualifications and best-presented contractor.

Stone & Bellus combines unique experience and expertise when coming to the construction bidding table. We understand the legal requirements and development process to make certain that your bid meets all relevant criteria and looks exceptional.

Construction Case Studies & Results

Construction Project Financing Dispute

In 1999, appellee Dillard-Winecoff, LLC, a corporation formed to acquire and develop the former Winecoff Hotel property in Atlanta, filed suit against the entities who had provided the acquisition financing and their agents, appellants IBF Participating Income Fund, IBF Special Purpose Corporation II, Interbank Mortgage Corporation, and Interbank/Brener Brokerage Services (“IBF”).

Construction Negligence Dispute

Alfred Ford filed multiple actions in the Coweta County Magistrate Court against Tycam Home Builders, Inc. alleging that construction on his new home had not been completed.

Atlanta Construction Lawyers

Construction Contract Attorney John Bellus

John Bellus

Construction Attorney
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Construction Contract Attorney John Bellus

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Construction Attorney
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This Atlanta-based firm has made construction law the cornerstone of its practice. The Atlanta attorneys of Stone & Bellus, P.C.have been obtaining settlements and winning awards for their construction business clients since the nineties. Our diversified experience with other areas of the law, such as government, commercial, and zoning, uniquely positions our staff to manage the wide variety of legal issues involved in construction law.

Stone & Bellus P.C.'s reputation has been earned with a history of legal victories for our clients. Whether you are a general contractor seeking legal representation; a company who has hired a construction firm that has unduly delayed their completion of the project; or a property owner who is having difficulties obtaining a variance that's required for construction, the lawyers at Stone & Bellus, P.C. can represent you.

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